Our aircraft work is very much oriented to long term collaborative projects. We do occasionally fabricate an instrument panel for an instrument upgrade project, but primarily our aircraft work is limited to working with an associated aircraft company with whom we have done many significant projects. We take most of the responsibility for the design and manufacturing of electronic controls and fabricate most of the sheet metal parts, and they do the system level design, testing and certification. All the projects are done in full compliance of FAA rules, and are installed under supplemental type certificates.  Some of the projects we have done in collaboration with this aircraft company are:
1991:   Vent door safety system for large cargo aircraft: Applicable to DC-8 and DC-9 freighters and passenger aircraft converted to freight service.
Our system was less costly to buy and install, and was easier to use in the field. We sold nearly 150 systems in direct competition with McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing). They sold about 40 systems.
1995:   Flight Deck Air conditioning system: By air conditioning just the flight deck, rather than the whole aircraft while loading cargo, freight operators could save thousands of gallons of fuel. UPS and Emory air freight bought over 50 systems for their DC-8s.
2002:  Flight Deck Security:  Like much of the industry we were caught up in the rush to make bullet proof doors.  We built the electronic lock control and most of the metal door and door frame parts for several types of aircraft.  About 100 are flying today on Airbus A310 aircraft.
2005:  Air conditioning for Flight Deck and ‘Glass Cockpit’ reliability: Royal New Zealand Air Force bought air conditioning for the flight deck of their C-130s. We did the motor controls and monitoring and many of the evaporator and condenser parts.
2009:  In flight fuel savings:  Work still in progress.  Fuel savings modifications for Boeing 747 airfreight operators.  Potential for less than one third of one percent fuel savings, but that adds up to tens of thousands of gallons per year.