Prototype Design has been involved in assisting artists realize their vision at a scale, at a volume, or in a media that they might otherwise have difficulty working.

Cutting heavy steel with precision, bending shapes, cutting delicate forms from stainless or aluminum – these are the sorts of things that artists as well as engineers might need.

It is not uncommon for people to think that advancements in technology have been driven in large part in the aerospace sector. It is true that lots of research funding has gone to aerospace companies and NASA, but, in reality, the aircraft industry is extremely conservative. Change comes very slowly, and with good reason. You don’t really want to fly on an airplane controlled by Windows ME do you?

We find that working with artists pushes our technological limits far more than our aeronautical customers. When we purchased our first laser cutter in 1992, it was a hard sell convincing our commercial customers to let us laser cut parts instead of punching them like they were used to. Artists immediately embraced the technology, and our first enthusiastic customers were all artists and craftspeople.

We continue to work with local and regional artists, and they continue to push our limits, forcing us to be creative.