Laser Work

Laser cutting metal parts has become a major portion of our business. We are actively seeking additional laser cutting work, and with our extensive production capacity, we can generally offer excellent turnaround time.

Primary markets served are:

Automotive material handling equipment: We have laser cut as much as 200,000 pounds of steel plate per month for customers whose primary business is making racks for moving automobile components from plant to plant.

Exhaust components: We make a huge variety of steel and stainless steel flanges for mufflers and catalytic converters. We also make brackets, perforated tubes, baffles, end caps, housings, and transitions.  In addition we can add perforations, holes, and slots to parts already formed by our customers.

Building components:  We make base plates for columns, shims, brackets and clips. We can also make trim and cladding.  We have scanned thin antique cast parts and laser cut them from plate.  We have made many decorative grills for ventilation, to geometric, modern or antique designs.

Automation components: We make details for companies making plant automation.  This can include switch brackets, guards,  proximity switch targets, and operator stations.  We have also made nesting components to hold parts on conveyor lines, and components to support the lines themselves.

We only occasionally cut wood, and are not seeking that work. It plugs up the filters in the dust collectors too quickly. We do not laser cut plastics. We cannot ventilate well enough to ensure that our workers are not exposed to the toxic fumes released.

See the “Capabilities” section for the full list of the range of materials which we do routinely laser cut.